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Cat Vitamins & Supplements
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  • For the treatment and control of Gastrointestinal, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms in cats
  • 1 tablet / 4kg body weight
  • Safe for kittens more than 6 weeks old
  • Safe for lactating queens
  • Improves immunity system against sickness
  • Enhance vitality and metabolism
  • Improve coat and fur condition
  • For strong bones and teeth
  • As a training treat
  • Improves digestive health
  • Urinary - System Protection
  • Preventing and minimiing diet-related urinary stone (FLUTD) and urinary tract infections
  • Promotes & Protects Health
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • No sugar added
  • Infective and non-infective wounds,
  • Maggot wounds
  • Surgical and injury wounds
  • Supportive in sarcoptic and psoroptic mange (skin infections caused by mite infestation)
  • Dermatomycosis (fungal infections
  • Issues of indigestion
  • Improper absorption
  • Bowel movement
  • Shiny and glossy coat
  • Reduce hair shedding, flaky skin and dandruff
  • Reduce allergic skin conditions like flea bite, atopy
  • Fungal skin infection and pyoderma
  • Support immune system, joints, heart, brain and eyes
  • Fever of multiple etiologies
  • Painful conditions following injuries and surgeries
  • Himalaya Himpyrin Liquid for Cats and Dogs - 30 ML
  • Vaccination primer for better immune response
  • Supportive treatment with corticosteroid and anti-neoplastic therapy
  • Supportive treatment with antibiotics in acute bacterial infections
  • Enhances effectiveness of anti-microbial drug therapy in dermal, ocular, aural and other recurrent infections
  • Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
  • Prevention and management of recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Non-specific urethritis (inflammation of the urethra) and cystitis(inflammation of the bladder)
  • Supportive therapy in kidney dysfunction
  • Imported from Netherlands
  • Recommended for Picky Eaters
  • Rich and Easy-to-Digest Goat's Milk Formula
  • Complete Nutrition with High Protein, Multivitamins and Multiminerals
  • Promotes Healthy Digestive System and Feeds Essential Microflora
  • Boosts Immunity and Overall Digestive Health
  • Does Not Cause Pets to Have Diarrhea
  • Also Suitable for Young, Pregnant and Lactating Pets
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Wild caught Hoki fish from South Island of New Zealand
  • Rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids
  • Pure high-quality sourced oil fish with high valuable DHA per serving
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Promotes good absorption, provide cats & dogs with extra nutrition during weaning period
  • Small molecules easily absorb
  • Nutrition Supplement & mobility improvement for dogs & cats of all ages
  • Restoring energy
  • Help to luricate, emulsify and expel hairballs
  • Promotes a healthy skin and coat
  • Breaks down and build up and helps diminish future hairballs